• Full fel­low­ship of The Roy­al Soci­ety of Arts, going togeth­er with the title FRSA, since 2020
  • Ver­di­en­sturkunde für kün­st­lerische Leis­tun­gen, La Pina­cothèque Lux­em­bourg, 2021

Fund­ed Residency

  • Artist in Res­i­dence in San Sano, Italy, fund­ed by the Dr. Éva Kahán Foun­da­tion, 2021

Oth­er Funding

  • Auf geht´s!-Stipendium from the Min­istry of Cul­ture and Sci­ence of the State of North Rhine-West­falia, 2021

Solo Exhi­bi­tions

  • Große Gemälde vom Meer, Elb- und Alster­ga­lerie Ham­burg, 2023
  • Große Gemälde vom Meer, Hotel Elb­ga­lerie, Ham­burg, 2022/23
  • Wolken und Meere, Pass­man­ns Kul­turkneipe Bot­trop, 2023
  • Wasser­land­schaften im Ruhrge­bi­et, Bürg­er­haus­ga­lerie Cas­trop-Raux­el, 2022
  • (Andere) Wasser­land­schaften im Ruhrge­bi­et, Scholl­brock­haus­ga­lerie Herne, 2022
  • Flu­ide Idyllen, Unper­fek­thaus Essen, 2022
  • Wasser­land­schaften im Ruhrge­bi­et, Pass­man­ns Kul­turkneipe Bot­trop, 2022
  • Wasser­land­schaften im Ruhrge­bi­et, Rud­er­club am Baldeney­see Essen, 2022
  • Him­mel über der Ruhr, Covidtest­point Air­port Bologna, 2021/22
  • Sympfzy­pressen im Wiesen­tal, Zum Philosophen Bochum, 2021
  • Männliche Akte, Gen­tleM Essen, 2020
  • Wahres, Schönes und Gutes, Schloss Meßkirch, 2018
  • Leib, Galerie MBeck, Hom­burg (Saar), 2017

Group Exhi­bi­tions

  • Mot­to: Mut­ter, Galerie der Gruppe Mot­to, Ham­burg, 2023 
  • From Europe with Love, with the Unit­ed State Of Inter­na­tion­al Artists, online and The West­in New York at Times Square, New York, 2023
  • Grund: Picas­so, Galerie Kun­st­punkt, Herne, 2023
  • Spuren 3, Kün­stlerzeche Unser Fritz, Herne, 2023
  • Aus­gewählte Werke, Y&C Young & Cre­ative Restau­rant, Düs­sel­dorf, 2022
  • Das kleine For­mat, Galerie 23 Vel­bert, 2022
  • Wasser­land­schaften, Muse­um of Art online, 2022
  • Jahre­sausstel­lung des Hern­er Kün­stler­bun­des, Rathaus Herne, 2021
  • Kun­straum 2018, Artemis Werk­stät­ten Reck­ling­hausen, 2018
  • Albert Weis­ger­ber Reloaded — Not seen yet, Galerie MBeck, Homburg/Saar, 2016
  • Jubiläum­sausstel­lung 25 Jahre Hern­er Kün­stler­bund, Städtis­che Galerie am Schloss­park Herne, 2015
  • Arbeit­sproben aus dem Option­al­bere­ich, Musis­ches Zen­trum der Ruhr-Uni­ver­sität Bochum, 2009

Spe­cial Exhibition

  • Jose­fine Rose Haber­mehl and Kath­li­na Anna Rein­hardt have por­trayed and exhib­it­ed as pho­tographs and voic­es artists and their works. I have been one of these artists. Ate­lier Automa­tique, Bochum, 2018


  • The Roy­al Soci­ety of Arts
  • Hern­er Künstlerbund

Edu­ca­tion and Background

Anni­ka Döring is his­to­ri­an of arts and philoso­pher. Before becom­ing a full-time artist, she has con­duct­ed a research project for the Insti­tut für The­ol­o­gis­che Zoolo­gie, has been work­ing for the Zen­trum für Mit­telmeer­stu­di­en of the Ruhr-Uni­ver­si­ty of Bochum and has been work­ing for the project NUCLEUS, that has received fund­ing from the Euro­pean Com­mis­sion (Hori­zon 2020). For this, she has been to Edin­burgh, Bel­grade, Not­ting­ham, Bei­jing, Lyon, Valet­ta, Tibilis­si, and Brussels.

As philoso­pher Anni­ka Döring was on research stays at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Oxford, gave a talk at Dart­mouth Col­lege (Ivy League), and has (co-)authored arti­cles in the con­text of the Mediter­ranean Sea, think­ing, and feel­ing for sci­en­tif­ic vol­umes, e. g. The Human Con­di­tion is an Ocean: Phi­los­o­phy and the Mediter­ranean Sea, togeth­er with Ras­mus Grøn­feldt Winther and Mediter­ranean Sea-Crea­ture: Mar­itime Metaphor in the Phi­los­o­phy of Friedrich Niet­zsche togeth­er with Pere­grine Horden.

Her paint­ings incor­po­rate the val­ues Anni­ka Döring FRSA has thought through as philoso­pher. Her art­works are reg­u­lar­ly shown in exhi­bi­tions and can be found in collections.

Anni­ka Döring has also worked as Voice-Over Artist.

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